Highest Paying Keywords

How to Find High Pay Keywords

Imagine knowing which keywords pay top dollar. Find out about keywords like investment lawyer that pay over ten dollars a click to Overture. Why does "criminal defense attorney" pay over $28 a click? Find out which keywords pay the most. Imagine a list of top paying keywords for FREE, all you gotta do is get 'em!

A. Top Ten Tips for High Paying Keywords

Try to find the obvious top rank highest paying keywords by looking into these categories:

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Tax Law
  3. Patent Law
  4. Investment Law
  5. Real Estate
  6. Hotels
  7. Stocks
  8. Interest Rate Reduction
  9. Medical Malpractice
  10. Personal Injury
Make sure you have quality content on your web pages that relates to the keyword.

B. What Keyword Tricks to Avoid high paying keywords to avoid

1) Try not to go after highest paying keywords connected to gambling, casinos, porn, etc.

Authorities may frown on these tactics. Search engines may not list your site.

2) Do NOT use boring content.
Make sure that your content is unique and original. People are always looking for fresh new content.

3) Do NOT use Keywords unrelated to your site content
Check your keywords to make sure they fit your site profile. If your theme is real estate stay away from stocks and bonds.

Make sure that you do not spam the search engines.
Also no size 1 tiny text.
It takes search engines about a month to ban your site,
but when you see your site is at the bottom of the heap
you will wonder what happened. Try to limit a keyword to less than ten times.

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refinance $12

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