Improving Page Rank

A. Top Ten Tips for SEO

I try to use the obvious optimization techniques such as having my keywords in:

Top Ten SEO strategies

1) Title
2) Alt Tags
3) Body Copy
4) H1 Tags
5) BOLD Text
6) Anchor Text
7) Comments
8) Meta Tags
9) RED Text
10) URL Text

B. What SEO tricks to Avoid

1) White text on white background
Will not work because Google will flag your site and ban it.
Also do not use yellow letters on a white background as
this will not improve page rank only create an ugly page.

2) Keyword spamming with tiny text
Check your keyword density and make sure that
it is not over ten percent. Also no size 1 text.
It takes Google about a month to ban your site,
but when you see your site is at the bottom of the heap
you will wonder what happened. Try to limit a keyword to less than ten times.