Page Rank Book

A. Tips to increase your page rank (on page)

Here are my optimization strategy tips
for improving page rank:

increase keyword saturation

increase keyword proximity

Add ALT TAGS and titles to pictures

Add new content to your website.

Use {BOLD, italics, RED TEXT}

Use H2 & H3 tags for paragraph Titles

B. Tips for boosting page rank (off page)

Use Friends web pages to link to yours.

Have friends post links in their blog to your page.

Push people with high traffic sites to post reviews of your site.

Advertise to get more "buzz" about your site. This leads to more links.

Let friends copy some of your content if they add a credit link going to your site.

You must use both off page and on page optimization techniques to rank high in the search engines. The key is to make sure that the anchor text used in both incoming and outgoing links matches the keywords in the title and body copy.

This is all about keywords. They must be prominent in the first twenty-five words of your body copy as well as in the last sentence. Make sure that you are aware of the over optimization penalty. If all the incoming links are the same the weight will be less. There must be some variety to incoming keywords in the anchor text.

Using these SEO methods will help your page rank improve. I am working on a book on increasing page rank.

Page Rank Book
I will post more ideas
in coming weeks.