Improve my search engine ranking

Most of your traffic comes from being in the top three for a keyword. Use the following rule of thumb. If position one gets 100,000 clicks a day then position 2 gets 30,000 clicks a day, position 3 gets 10,000 clicks, position 4 gets 4,000 clicks and position 5 gets 1,000.

The following ideas can help you rank high on yahoo,google & microsoft.

  • add more content, as CONTENT IS KING
  • read up on SEO for latest tactics
  • get friends to link to your sub pages
  • have all sub pages link to main page
  • add pictures so people can find you in an image search
  • add audio and video for more "buzz".
  • make use of BOLD and RED text
  • place ALT TAGS in your pictures
  • use blogs to talk about new products
  • use podcasts to discuss company strategy
  • employ videos to showcase your company