Master Secret to Killer Web Ads

The key to megasales is MEGA-traffic. You need traffic and lots of it. It does not matter if you have the best copy in the world, if people do not see it you do not sell.

So, how do we get this megatraffic to make megasales?

Already you are familiar with people who tell you that you need to rank number one for important keywords in all the major search engines. These people tell you about keyword density and how to optimize your website for top placement, but then again there are literally thousands of websites doing the same thing.
Its like a thousand people are all panning for gold in the same stream. Pretty crowded, huh? You chances of finding gold nuggets are few and far between. The key is to find a river that few are using.

Where is that river? Television.

The key is TV.  Internet TV is the next big wave. Most of your competition have websites that look like a crowded catalog full of products. Catalogs are very static and boring. Much like a catalog these pages sit there waiting to be read. They have a picture of a product and a price. Under the price is a BUY button that people click.

Now, I want you to throw that catalog in the wastebasket, we are living in the 21st century. The models that worked in the 20th century when everybody had a slow phone connection at 56K are passe.
The new model is TV. Video trumps paper every time, but you don't need megabucks to make megasales. The price of producing an internet TV show has decreased to where every business needs to have one.

The secret is that the human voice compels people to buy. You need a live human explaining the benefits of your product.

Even radio is better than print. You hear the emotion and enthusiasm in the voice of the buyer. Hearing a live human voice is far better than reading a stale piece of paper. But the best is video. You see people using your product and buying it. You see people happy with the results. No more static catalog, interactive TV. For a quick look at interactive TV go to QVC.
Yes, is already using this new model of selling, and you can too.

In the old days bandwidth was expensive and few people had fast connections, now the rich people have fast connections and bandwidth is cheap, dirt cheap. You can stream video to your customer of happy faces using your product. Satisfied customers talking about the benefits of your product.
Now, you can easily produce video on your PC, you don't need a studio anymore. The ability to see product over internet TV makes you a star. You are now able to speak directly face to face with your customer over the web using webcasts. Using webcams you and your customers can do live broadcasts over the web. What was once the exclusive domain of the super-rich Fortune 500 companies is now available to you - advertising over TV. You can create your own niche TV shows and stream them over the internet.

Think a TV show tailored for your product and people who use your product. Your very own channel.

What is the ROI on this technique? Well, it should cost you less than $500 per show that you produce, but the best news is that when people call the 800 number your conversion is 50%, that's much better than the old 5% conversion rate using static web pages. The static pages are still there, but most people prefer to see the live internet TV show, they prefer to talk to a live person on the line, not order from some faceless static page on the internet. That's the secret. Instead of a faceless page with a photo of your product, you have a live TV show where real people use your product and ask questions. The customer is slowly pulled in. The average watch for an infomercial is 20 minutes, but the average watch for a web page is less than 20 seconds. According to VisitorVille the average person spends only 13 seconds on a page.

That's barely enough time for them to read the title and look at your picture. All your copy goes unread. I mean, how much information can you supply in 13 seconds? It is very hard to sell a person in 13 seconds. You need time to explain your product's wonderful features and you need time to SHOW the customer why your product is the best. The best way is to create an internet TV show. A TV program that streams over the internet where you are the star of the show.

Things you will need are a cheap digital camera to capture video, a PC to edit the TV show, a web site with lots of bandwidth, a warehouse full of product, and lots of people manning the phones for all those orders you will receive.

Get to work!

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